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The Sims for Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube walkthrough
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You can read the site's news here:

Here is the latest news:
We now have a FAQ + you can view all the pictures from the shoutouts we've ever had. You can reach the site by clicking here. There is 1 question so far.
We will be upgrading our site soon! Unfortunately, we can not start for 60 days. We will put a link on our site to Pay Pal (r) and you can send a contrabution of whatever you want so you can download all the great items that are clogging up our computers! (you can make contributions on August 23rd).
New site domain:
This is a very good thing that will happen soon enough too (60 days). It will just be (please don't click there!!)The more contributions we get, the sooner it will be!!!

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