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Surfin' Sims
The Sims for Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube walkthrough


The Sims for Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube walkthrough
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Please feel free to print, but please do not copy! This took me HOURS to write so please dont!

Right where you are reading will soon be a COMPLETE walkthrough for The Sims, "Get A Life," mode!

Here are cheats for the game:
Fish eye- lets you use "first person mode" in "Get A Life," and "Play the Sims," mode.
Playdude- A SURPRISE! (18+ only! cheat for PS2).
Freeall- Frees all objects for PS2 and makes all objects $0 in XBOX and gamecube (may cause glitches!).
Party M- Free's Party motel in all versions (two player mode).
Midas- Free's some 2p modes (not The Park, Maids house, Handymans house, and party motel. You must enter "Get a life," choose, your sim, and get in the hot tub with the girl in your dream house and it is done).

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